Give E Cigarettes A Try

E Cigarettes are becoming popular by the day and are expanding and growing on a global scale. E cigarettes that are considered an alternative to the traditional tobacco smoking cigarettes do not produce smoke and hence the cancer causing tar instead produces flavored vapors that contain some amount of nicotine. Many of the people who are thinking to switch to e cigarettes and are not too sure about it; you would probably want to read why it is worth giving e cigarettes a try.image

Cost efficient

Tobacco cigarettes might seem to be less expensive initially but e cigarettes are cost efficient when it comes to long time use. The initial price of e cigarette and tobacco cigarette has a huge difference but if you compare the amount of money you will have to spend smoking and vaping, say for 6 months, you will find e cigarettes are indeed cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Also, you will not have to spend additional money on fragrances, gums or lighters as electronic cigarettes are flavored and run on batteries that are rechargeable.image

Nothing burns

E cigs does not burn tobacco instead they heat e liquid that produce flavored vapors instead. No tobacco smoke means no tar production and also no fire. No fire means no accidents. Burning fire to light up the tobacco cigarette might cause accidental burns or even can cause fire if you drop the cigarette.

No bad odor

All those people who spend a lot on gums, fragrances and other things to get rid of the smell of tobacco, you will save on this cost as e cigarettes are flavored and do not give bad odor. You can choose from a variety of flavors that electronic cigarettes offer to its the customers like coffee, fruit flavors, menthol etc.


E cigarettes come in variety of flavors suiting the need of every person. There are a number of brands that keep introducing new flavors timely to differentiate from other e cig brands. South beach smoke, one of the most popular e cig brand in the market also have a variety of e cig flavors such as lemon apple candy crush, blueberry cheesecake, summer tea, mint julep tart and sweet and many more.

Environment friendly
Cigarettes are disposed after every use, while e cigarettes can be used for longer as they are battery operated and the flavor or the e liquid can be refilled. So there is no littering in case of vapor cigarettes, so in a way you will have cleaner living space because there won’t be cigarette butts and ash lying around, also you won’t be putting off the ash at all the wrong places.

You can avail discounts on the e cigarettes, something that you cannot ask for when buying tobacco cigarettes. There are e cigarette coupons available for many of the top rated e cigarette brands like South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, Blu Cigs and the likes that offer a discount on shipping and various other e cigarette products.